Smile designing for a confident smile!!

An adult male came to our clinic with a complaint of spacing in his upper and lower front teeth region.He was not happy with his smile due to spacing in his teeth. Also  the patient told that he is having his wedding  next month and needs treatment immediately to improve his smile.After complete clinical and radiographic examination a comprehensive treatment plan was discussed to fill and design all existing space with composite(filling material) followed by finishing and polishing in 2 days.                Preoperative frontal view                Preoperative smile…
Published On : 12-06-2019

Do baby teeth with cavities need to be treated?

 Do I need to treat cavities in my child baby teeth since they are going to eventually fallout?                         Yes! Incidence of dental caries in India is increasing rapidly due to changing life style and diet pattern. According to the National Oral Health Survey Report  2004  Caries prevalence in India was 51.9% at the age of 5, 53.8% at 12 yrs, and 63.1% at 15yrs in different parts of India.   Do decay in milk teeth can affect permanent teeth? Permanent teeth are developing directly under milk teeth. If decay is extensive in milk teeth…
Published On : 29-05-2019

Is dental implants are expensive?

Considering the expertise and experience of the team combined with the state of the technologies and equipments best in the world with life time warranty for implant services we would say that the cost offull mouth dental implants is moderate, but not cheap. The cost of dental implants in our centre is 60- 70% less compared to the prices in US, UK, Singapore and Australia!! We have transparency in our treatment plan and in the cost of dental implant treatment. We will explain the treatment plan and the costs involved before the treatment and there won’t be any unexpected changes in the cost of dental…
Published On : 17-05-2019

Do I wait for months after extraction to get dental implant?

With recent advancement in dental implant system known as Immediate loading, no need to wait for months or years to get dental implant treatment and fixed teeth.               When implants are placed at the same time as the tooth is removed such a procedure is known as Immediate Dental Implants Placement. Today this procedure is considered standard as it prevents any change in shape of bone and gum surrounding the extracted tooth. It is convenient for the patient as it allows the surgical treatment to be completed in one intervention. Only in few cases,…
Published On : 17-05-2019

Get treatment now and pay later, EMI for dental implant treatment

Are you worrying about your dental treatment cost? Start your treatment now and pay later in EMI with amazing 0% interest through bajaj finserv method.   Benefits: - 0% interest - Minimum documents only required • ID proof • Address proof • Cancelled check leaf - Instant approval - Various premium plans available from 6 months to 18 months - Minimum treatment cost Rs. 10,000 - Maximum treatment cost Rs.2,00,000 or more based on requirement Steps Involved: - To pay only 2 months down payment on the day of treatment - The balance can be paid in EMI with 0%…
Published On : 17-05-2019

We are hiring

DENTIST JOB IN CHENNAI : Doctors who are interested in learning basics and advanced dentistry and passionate in giving good quality treatment to patients with love and care are welcomed to join in our team. Doctors will get opportunities to contribute their ideas, drive change to grow their careers. To apply or for further details kindly send your resume with your photo, Mail us:
Published On : 17-05-2019

Dental tourism in India

India has emerged as one of the best dental tourism (or called dental vacation) spot for the Westerners and non residential Indians (NRIs). • More than any dental treatment, patient who needs multiple dental implant treatment, and full mouth dental implant, save up to 70% of treatment cost, when they come to India for treatment, world class dental implant treatment with 70% savings of your money and a great vacation is all you can get from India. Why India is a popular spot for dental implant tourism: • The experience and growth of Dental implant surgeon is extensive since they…
Published On : 17-05-2019

Say Good bye to your dentures and get fixed permanent teeth in just 3 days

An adult female came to our clinic with the complaint of multiple missing and shaking teeth in her upper and lower teeth region. She was wearing removable dentures for her missing front teeth. She lost all her teeth because of periodontitis(gum disease) She was not happy with her smile, her denture became loose and she was not able to chew food properly. After complete clinical and radiographic examination a comprehensive treatment plan discussed with the patient. To remove all her failing dentition and to replace with dental implants and to restore her smile and chewing in just 3 days. PREOPERATIVE…
Published On : 27-04-2019

No more sinus lifting and bone grafting!!

What is Sinus Lifting ( SINUS AUGMENTATION ) ? Maxillary Sinuses are present on either side of the nose . When the bone height is minimal in the premolar and molar region due to long term missing teeth , sinus lifting is done . The sinus membrane is lifted upwards for gaining space to place the bone graft . . Bone graftings are done by taking bone from other parts of the body like chin, hip etc … Once the bone grafting is done , it takes 6 months for the graft to become a normal bone . After 6…
Published On : 11-09-2018

Full mouth dental implants in India

FULL MOUTH DENTAL IMPLANTS  IN INDIA: The number of people gets full mouth dental rehabilitation / reconstruction with dental implant in India is increasing constantly in the last decade. This is due to increased quality in high expertise of Indian dentists and the low cost compared to implant treatment in other countries. Full mouth dental implant procedure is indicated in two kind of situations: 1. When the patient lost all the teeth before itself due to periodontal disease or decay this stage is called as “edentulous stage” 2. When the patient lost most of the existing teeth and remaining teeth…
Published On : 11-09-2018
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