An adult female came to our clinic with missing teeth and shaking existing natural teeth. She was not happy with her smile and wants to get a confident smile. After complete clinical and radiographic examination a comprehensive treatment plan was discussed with the patient to remove all her existing natural teeth followed by replacement with dental implants and provisional teeth in 3 days.

                                                           Preoperative frontal view


                                                            Preoperative smile view

                                                            Preoperative x-ray

                               X-ray showing existing natural teeth with generalised bone loss

                                                        Postoperative x-ray

 X-ray showing accurate engagement of implants in basal bone. upper- 10 implants, lower-8 implants

                                                              Postoperative smile view

                                                                            Happy smile of the patient in 3 days

                                                       Postoperative frontal view

                                                  Provisional teeth after implant placement in 3 days


Performed Treatments

Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants
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